Continued Victory In Distress (COVID edition)

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

(live footage about 6 days ago)

Was is COVID or not? I know one thing, we have to put our trust in God and use wisdom in every situation we face in life.

Who would have thought that I would be writing a post as such! What a humbling experience this has been.

Let‘s backtrack a bit...... so I’ve been planning for my first live ministry event for the past two months or so. The amazing prayer team and I have been meeting faithfully every Wednesday evening and to sum that up, all I can say is GOD will send ALL the resources and support you need when you step out on faith and do what he’s calling you to do! These ladies were handpicked and divinely placed in my life

“for such a time as this”.

This Pray and Pour event, is my birthday gift right back to God. At the onset of my “yes” to Him and what He called this event to be, the attacks began! I’ve experienced mental, spiritual, and most recently a physical attack!

I like to say that even this was a spiritual attack that just so happen to manifest itself physically BUT.....

About 2 weeks ago, I was having a moment of doubt and called one of my prayer partners and sisters in Christ and she prayed with me. After she prayed she told me that the Lord was telling her to tell me “isolation”- she was hearing from God “isolation.” She encouraged me to pray about it and see what God was wanting me to do. In my mind, I said

“guess I’ll go on a social media fast”.

Lean not to your own understanding.....

That very next day, I began feeling a little tickle in my throat and as “extra” as I am, I had already started taking precautions (this wasn’t something new because I tend to do this whenever someone sneezes or coughs anyway😏).... I didn’t want my hubby or kids around me so I started taking precautions.

Well about three days later, after feeling congested and losing my taste and smell (which was my determining factor to get tested) I decided to just go and see if my “shenanigans” of precautions were in vain. Low and behold I got a “positive” result from the rapid test and the “isolation” truly began.