Living and Learning through Life

Life has a way of humbling you

Life has a way of challenging you

Life has a way of growing you

Life has a way of strengthening you

Life has a way of teaching you

It's not merely what you go through in life but how you handle what happens

How do you handle life's pressures and challenges?

It seems like when things are going well life is considered to be good but when challenges come, we crack under pressure. It's when these challenges arise that we get to see what we got stored up in us to see how we handle the situation we're faced with. It's important in these moments to allow yourself to feel what you feel, go through the emotions and feelings but don't make your home there

One thing I am learning as I pray out and sings songs about this life not being my own but belonging to God is that life is short.

I was at my nephews track meet this past weekend and the announcer announced a record that was held back in 2002 ,and in that moment I realized that was twenty years ago! I was just graduating High School and thought I was living my best life!.

Life is short and no matter how long we live it goes by so fast. We can't be deceived thinking we have time to live for Christ, enjoy our loved ones, carry out the assignment and purpose God has for us because tomorrow is not promised and life appears for a moment then boom you look up and it's gone.