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Praise like you Prayed

As I sat and awaited the results of my COVID test that I needed to show up negative because I needed to get a biopsy done on my right breast..... I heard within myself "praise like you prayed"

As I waited to undergo the biopsy and thereafter awaiting the results thereof I heard again

"praise like you prayed"

After I received my negative COVID test I went into to praise.....

After I received the results of the biopsy which came back benign, I went into praise.

Sometimes, we pray fervently, we pray believing and trusting in God for a specific thing, we call and gather up our prayer warriors and fast and yet when that thing we were believing God for comes to pass- Do we praise the same we prayed?

When we go to the Lord believing Him for something, praying for a thing, hoping to get the good news we go to Him full of faith and full of hope. We tend to put a lot of energy and effort into studying and meditating on scripture and we even begin to speak things into existence however, what does this look like on the back end?

Do we praise like we prayed?

Do we stop and glorify God?

Do we thank God for what He did?

Do we testify to the goodness of the Lord?

Do we give thanks through and despite the situation?

Praising like we pray and praying like we praise are two acts and forms of worship we offer the Lord. Not only in the bad times but IN and through ALL things. It so easy for us to pray when things are going bad or when we need God to "show up" in our lives. It's so easy to praise God when we are gathered together in the sanctuary with other believers and when the spirit hits


Will you praise Him in the midst of the storm?

Will you pray when things are going well?

Will you praise Him when the report was not what you hoped for?

Will you pray when you don't understand?

Will you offer up a praise in solitude in your prayer closet?

I must admit the thoughts of the enemy were trying to take ownership within my mind as I went through this process of getting a biopsy and waiting for the results. When I think about what the Lord instructed me to do through this situation I initially thought He was referring to the aftermath; after I received the results and so that I did.

However, I realize now, (thank you Holy Spirit for the revelation), the Lord meant praise IN the situation. Pray through the situation. Not only does God want us to praise Him for what He does, He wants us to praise Him for who He is. He wants us to communicate with Him through all things and have personal relationship with Him.

Praise like you Pray. Praise in all things. Pray at all times. Praise God for who He is. Pray and communicate with God at all times.

Lord, I thank you for who you are. Father I ask that you will forgive me for not praising you like I prayed. Lord we ask that you will forgive us for not praising you like we've been praying. Lord we ask that we will praise you for who you are, and praise you in and through all situations and circumstances we face in life- the good, the bad and everything in between. Father we pray that you will continue to discipline us just as a loving Father would. Father we pray for a constant fellowship, a relationship with you- a personal relationship. Lord I pray that we will come to know you even more personally in our lives as we surrender ourselves to you. God we pray that you will get the glory out of our life and through everything we go through. May we become sons and daughters who praise and pray despite our situations. May our life become a life of prayer and may our life become a life full of praise in Jesus name.


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