The Fixed Fight: You against Satan

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

As I get back into the swing of the home/work and now the virtual online homeschool routine with the kids, I have to acknowledge and assess where I am.

I know this is a struggle area for me— juggling multiple things, keeping organized, staying consistent with a routine, not getting overwhelmed, and not having the ability to be in control.

With this awareness, there are things I can do to make sure I’m not growing weary in the doing and that I am continuing to remain peaceful, kind, patient, all while possessing self- control.

Here are some tips I know to be true:

  1. Realize it starts with the mind

  2. Bring forth any struggle area to God in prayer

  3. Acknowledge what you can control and what you can’t & choose to be ok with that

  4. Set a schedule / routine and keep up with it as much as possible

  5. Speak up when you need help / support

  6. Give yourself grace and extend that grace with others (hubbys, kids, teachers, co-workers ect.)

  7. Feed your mind, body and soul with God‘s word, devotionals and other inspirational tools and make healthy food choices

  8. Commit to some form of self care (a nice warm bath, an outdoor walk, a quiet drive alone)

  9. Get adequate rest

  10. Create as much balance as possible (one-on-one time w/ the kids, work time, self time ect.)

What a nice list right?

But, here’s the catch, knowing these things is one thing and implementing is another!

I am reminding myself as I encourage you, of great tips that if we put in action can assist us with this new way of living however, as the saying goes “easier said than done.”

Today, as I reflect, I realize and give myself grace to be human. I realize that everyday will require a choice;