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The Worshipper within....

This song rang heavy in spirit all day! I invite you to read through these lyrics and listen to the video!

There is a worshipper in YOU!

Has God been good to you? Has God protected you? Has God been your provider? Has God been your protector?

That worshipper within needs to break FREE! Let's give God more- all the glory, all the honor, all the praise! Not our will but may His will be done in our life!

In return for what God has done for me, I give Him my life! Wherever you lead, I will follow! Just say the words and I'll obey!

Are you ready to give God more? I invite you to take a moment and silence your mind and open up your heart.


Enter into your prayer closet/ prayer space and invite the Holy Spirit to dwell within.....

Oh, the worshipper in me Who wants to be free From the cares of life That seem to weigh me down

Yes, the worshipper in me Needs consistency To lift my hands To give you praise When no one's around

Oh, the worshipper in me Wants to break free From the intellectual mentality Like when I should be up I'm seated in my seat I should be lifting my hands Giving you praise and glory

I should be giving you more More...

(I wanna give my best to you) (I wanna do what you ask me to) (I wanna go wherever you say) (Just say the word and I will obey) (I wanna live a life that's real) (I wanna serve you lord for real) (For you deserve all this and more)

So I give you more (every little thing that I have) More, more (it belongs to you) So I give you more (every little thing you can grab) More, more (God, it belongs to you) More, more, more (I give you more)

More, more time (I give you more) Yes (I give you more)


I surrender all I surrender all I surrender all All to thee, my blessed savior!!!


Are you ready to surrender to Him? Are you ready to break free? Are you ready to unleash the worshipper in you?

I know I am! This song had me in my feelings all day! I hope it's a blessing to you as well!

As I write to encourage and inspire you, I write to encourage and sustain myself

Blessings + Love,


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