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Tunai's Story

My name is Tunai (Tu-Nay) Anderson. I am a wife, mother and devoted child of God. Just like you, I have a story to share with the world. I was born to help motivate, inspire and uplift people of faith who are broken, hurting and searching for something to fill the void in their lives; develop a deep and fulfilling relationship with God. It took me 32 years of life to come to understand the true reason why I was born and what I was created for.

Growing up my Father was physically present in the home but was emotionally unavailable due to his own personal hurts he was dealing with. My fathers mother died unexpectedly right before I was born and he did not have the proper coping skills or spiritual insight to deal with this pain and hurt. My Father was addicted to drugs majority of my childhood and although he is completely recovered and his life has been restored (praise God!) - this was an area of my life God had to show me so I could deal with it in order to heal from it. This hurt of not having my Father there the way in which I needed him there, left me unknowingly searching for affection, attention and love outside of myself. The multi-dating, clubbing and “players mentality” got old and still left me feeling empty inside.

After I got married in 2010 I just knew this void would now be filled; well I was wrong. I was tired of laying on my bedside crying silent tears that left me feeling confused and helpless because I had no idea where this empty feeling was coming from yet on the flip side, I knew God had a plan for my life and I believed in Him. On the outside it looked as if I had it all together but on the inside was this little girl who was carrying a void in her heart. As I grew into adulthood, I wish I could have connected with someone who knew and shared this emptiness. Because this was a lonely and confusing time in my life, I decided to pick up a pen and began writing my feelings while I talked to God. My writing evolved into journaling and blogging. As my prayers evolved, I desired to spend more time with God but I struggled with not knowing how to put God first in all I do without neglecting myself, my husband, and my children.

After purchasing our home in 2016, after my Husband followed the path God revealed to him for our family- quit his job to return to school full time; I wanted to be supportive and understanding yet without complaining and nagging. If I am honest, open and transparent - I was often overwhelmed and resentful because the longing I had for God seemed to keep getting pushed aside as I juggled all that I had on my plate. I knew these feelings of being resentful and frequent frustration were not from God and I would often ask God inside of myself “show me what to do, show me how to put you first without neglecting the duties I have, show me how to be supportive and genuine”. After several weeks maybe even months of me bottling up my feelings on the outside and honestly asking God within myself, the Holy Spirit instructed me to clean out one of the closets in my house, create a prayer closet and spend time in there with God. God began to reveal himself to me on a more personal and intimate level and he also began to unfold the layers of my life by showing me so vividly why I was the way I was and where the void stemmed from. I now was able to connect the dots of my past that continue to push me deeper into my purpose, repent and I allowed his love- his unconditional love to fill the empty space he longed for all along.

In 2017 I heard the voice of God inside of me telling me it was now time for me to share with others how he was transforming my life. I no longer wanted people to see me from the outside but was ready to be transparent and tell others how God was transforming and healing me internally so I decided to obey God’s direction and launch my website/blog, Tunai’s Closet.

Early in 2019 I took the DreamDivers Master Class with the Chief Dream Diver, Ira Davis and received the tools I needed to effectively turn the dreams God has given me and the gifts he placed inside of me into a profitable business. Never did I know that my story would become my personal ministry moreover could bring fourth all of what God is showing and birthing out of me. It is now my desire to share with others just how I began my journey so in turn you can be healed, grow closer to God and share with others your story. So unlock your heart and allow God to fill that void within. TuNai's Closet is my personal ministry and as a prayer warrior, prayer closet advocate, and spiritual transformational coach, it is my desire to inspire you to develop your own personal relationship with Christ so your story can be heard and God can use you and your story to help generations hereafter! Jesus is the way the truth and the life and when you pray enter into your closet and close the door. Pray to your Father who is unseen and he who sees in secret will reward you-

Matthew 6:6

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Praise The Lord!!!!!! Thank you for your testimony.

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