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Where is the Church?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

In the midst of ALL that is going on in our world and within our Nation I asked God "Lord, what do you have me to do?"

After quietly waiting all I heard was PRAY.

I must admit I had to repent and ask God to forgive me for not using the gift of prayer he has given me to the fullest capacity of which he calls for. Distracted by the media, the news, social media and even my business along with working from home not to forget we are still quarantined - those "things" were consuming my mind.

Short tempered I was becoming, more irritable I was finding myself and selfishness started to arise. These traits are not from God so after much reflection- I realized that these quiet subtle idols were beginning to distract me from what and who I know deserves the number 1 spot in my life- God, Jesus and spending time with him in prayer. I "the church" was in cahoots with the world.

I want to encourage you DO NOT GET DISTRACTED, don't let all of what's happening take you out. Pay attention to what is happening and stay current with the news but be mindful of how much it consumes you and your time. Tell God all about your worries, fears and cares. Pray and ask for HIS wisdom, knowledge and understanding through it all.

I was finding myself looking to social media for answers, waking up searching for what I missed while I was asleep- forgive me Lord- Distracted! Once it distracts you it begins to control you and once it begins to control you, you will blackout - becoming unaware of your mood, negative thoughts, overwhelming fears, anger, rage ect.. Let's not "blackout"!

In the kingdom of God there is no division there is 1 God and then the body- God being the head and we the body. We are the church! The "church" is us, the body of Christ not the physical building.

Just as with our physical body, each body part serves a purpose and has a function. The different body parts are not all the same and in fact they are uniquely different however, as a whole, the body needs each part to function properly and healthy.

"Since there is one bread, we (believers) who are many (united into) one body; for we all partake of the one bread (which represents the body of Christ) 1 Corinthians 10:17

" There is one body, but it has many parts. It is the same with Christ. We were all baptized by one Holy Spirit and so we are formed into one body. So the body is not made up of just one part but it has many parts" 1 Corinthians 12:12-14

As the body of Christ (the church) we too all are unique, God has placed specific gifts and talents within each of us however those gifts and talents are to strengthen the body of Christ as a whole- as a unit. Imagine missing a body part- the other parts of your physical body will have to work that much harder to function.


So as the body of Christ WE NEED EACH OTHER. God calls us to love, and forgive- even in the midst of the most challenging situations. This reminds me of when Jesus was on the cross he said "forgive them Father for they know not what they do"- some may say well "I ain't Jesus"- well the bible says:

" I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved and and gave himself up for me" Galatians 2:20.

I know it's not easy but this life this walk is not easy. So what part can we play? Show Love and Unity by coming together as the body of Christ and pouring out the love of Christ. Ask God to show you what and how he wants you to move and what he calls you to do during these times and throughout your life.

Remember let's not get distracted by the enemy who is the small god of the world and remember that greater is HE who's in YOU than he who is in the world.

Church, let's allow the light of Christ to shine through us and draw others to that light which is Jesus who lives on the inside of us standing together as a unit of love + unity.

~I write to encourage, inspire and motivate you as I encourage, inspire and sustain myself~

Love By: @outofhidingapparel Latoya Hill


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This is beautiful, as I sat here reading your blog the words were exactly what I needed to hear at this moment. Not being able to go to church has been hard and I am starting to feel it, I mean I watch online but the feeling is not the same being around other saints and the family love. I am starting to feel alone so to say, I mean I know I am not alone but I definitely need to get back to daily prayer time with my father. Thank you Tunia and I love the song list I will be down loading, I usually play songs my phn. But this list is nice. You are a true bless…

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