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"Ye of little Faith"

· Worry and faith can’t reside in the same space just as fear and faith clash. The more I grow in God the more I learn that having faith is really letting go of what I can see with my eyes and touch with my hands. The way our flesh is set up; we are beings that rely heavily on our senses therefore, if we can’t see it, touch it, taste it, smell or hear it- it probably doesn’t exist. The way our spirit is set up according to Gods word as believes in Christ Jesus, having just a little bit of faith which is - the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen- we can speak things into being and rid things out by believing it so in our minds. Our minds are very powerful and is also the devils’ playground. The enemy knows just how “fleshly” we are so he sits back and enjoys seeing us use our fleshly experiences and living in those truths as opposed to being in a situation that looks extremely horrible but yet speaking as if we are no longer in that situation. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. If the enemy can take our natural situation and put a magnifying glass over it he has us just where he wants us- worrying and fearful BUT if we take God’s word and speak over that situation it will come to be!

I remember when my husband and I were in the process of buying a house, we were fortunate enough to live in my mother in law’s house rent free for almost a year because she was in the process of selling her home however, there was a family who put an offer on her home while we were still there. Not going to lie, I was low key thinking of where we were going to go because we didn’t have a home yet so because I didn’t have keys in hand and signed documents leading us to a house- my mind began to get into fear and worry mode. I was coming up with so many different ideas- renting an extended stay hotel, asking my parents if we could live with them for a little while ect. I remember my husband looking at me in my eyes saying “ye of little faith” 😱 those words meant so much to me and I immediately felt convicted. Just because our situation showed otherwise we were believing God for a house and we knew our being in that unrealistic situation to begin with was all him- my faith wandered, I began to focus more on what was happening and what I saw in the natural that I got further away from what I believed in the spirit. This shows our humanity and if we don’t have someone in our corner gently tugging at our coat tail we will always find ourselves focusing on the flesh and natural world moving aside our faith and spirituality. Relinquishing control in this way is a challenge and does not happen over-night. In fact, life will provide us with the tests to give us opportunities to carry out our faith in those situations. I feel like the more opportunities we have to use our faith- it works- and the easier it will become as we travel through life.

Resting in God’s word does not mean sit back and do nothing. The bible says ‘faith without works is dead.” This being said there is something that has to happen that goes along with the faith we claim to have. Aside from us trusting and having faith in our home buying process, we went through the motions- traveling across town to attend open-houses, saving our money, putting in offers ect. Acts of faith or “faith moves” is another aspect of carrying out what we believe to be true. Given the same story, sitting in church my Husband put an address on the envelope that had the address to the home we have now yet at that time we had not closed on this house we simply just put an offer in on it. On the envelope I watched as he checked off the "change of address box" and I gave him those again (it’s not ours yet) and he looked back at me (ye of little faith)…. Long story short- we ended up getting the house and the whole process within itself was a faith move.

I want to encourage you as I encourage myself, have faith, believe it even when you do not see it or understand how- believe it to be so, find scripture to back up your beliefs and trust that God’s will to be done in your life. If it aligns with God’s word he wants it to be evident in your life. It’s more than houses and cars it’s having faith to trust who he said he is and to trust the plan HE has for your life.

As I write to encourage, inspire and motivate you, I write to sustain, and motivate myself.

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