Luxury Prayer Candle I Calm Serenity

Luxury Prayer Candle I Calm Serenity

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Pure Coconut Wax Hand poured (coconut wax is non-toxic and natural)


Cotton Wick 


45 + Hour Average Burn Time


Scent- Coconut + Vanilla + Amber 


Each candle comes with a  prayer card and bookmark from TuNai's Closet


Candle Burning Tips-

  • Read labels prior to burning
  • Do not burn longer than 4 hours 
  • Trim wick ¼ of an inch after every burn
  • Light your candle and read your prayer card





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  • TuNai's Closet Vision

    The vision behind TuNai's Closet Luxury Prayer Candles was given to TuNai in her Prayer Closet...

    Owner Tunai Anderson, who is a devoted wife, mother and faithful child of God, birthed this prayer candle line as a way to shine her light on Christ who lives within her heart so others may come to know Christ for themselves. This candle line was created to inspire others to create their own personal prayer closets with hopes that as they light their candles, God's word will become a lamp unto their feet and a light unto their path.

    TuNai's Closet is founded on the scripture Matthew 6:6 "when you pray, go inside your closet and close the door. Pray to your Father who is unseen and he who's in secret will reward you."

    Our first scent "Calm Serenity"  is available for purchase

     "Calm Serenity" is a blend of pure coconut and vanilla (coconut oil reduces stress and vanilla soothes discomfort) 

    God's calming presence is the aura you feel when you spend time with God in prayer and while resting in his presence. God's calm spirit has provided me with the cushion I need to rest in him and trust the path he's leading me on.  Calm Serenity is the atmosphere I want you to experience as you light your candle in your personal prayer closet. 


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