Scent Fragrance - Frankensense and Myrrh


  • All Natural  Pure Coconut Wax 
  • Non-Toxic (oil is safe to use on skin and may be used as blessed oil) 
  • Cotton Wick
  • Silver 8 oz Tin Candle 
  • Average Burn Time up to approx. 35 hours


Purpose 8 oz Tin Candle

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  • Founded on Jeremiah 29:11, Purpose the candle was created with hopes you would find the purpose God has for you by spending time with him in prayer and reading of his word daily in your prayer closet

    Each 8 oz Tin Candle comes with a purpose prayer card and Purpose Book Mark

    Candle Burning Tips:

    • Trim wick after every burn with scissors or a wick trimmer 
    • Trim about 1/4 - 1/8" after each burn
    • Read warning labels and follow all burning tips before burning/lighting your candle
    • Light your candle and read your prayer card