New Year, New We!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to my first blog post of 2021!!!!!

The simple fact that you are reading this Blog speaks volume these days of how thankful we truly should be.

2020 for me personally, has the been the year 20/20 vision. According to the American Optometric Association, "20/20 vision is a term used to express normal visual acuity (the sharpness or clarity of vision)".

Sharpness defined means, "being clear, quick to notice, high intuition, ability to understand, or the degree to which someone can see or hear more clearly."

As I relate this moment of awareness to my faith/spiritual walk, I realize that last year- 2020 I received 20/20 vision. This vision was not of my own. This vision was not related to my plans, my dreams or even my purpose driven business. This vision was the vision of the Lord.

Walking away from 2020, it is clear to me that I am here on a specific assignment. My purpose and assignment is to be an ambassador of Christ, to follow after Him and as He leads I go. My purpose and assignment is to advocate for the importance of seeking God intimately in prayer by reading and studying of God's word. My purpose and assignment is to intercede on the behalf of others through prayer, and to encourage the body of Christ at large.

This clarity, this spiritual ability to understand that I am not down here on Earth to walk around proudly showcasing the "goods" I possess, or boast about what I do, BUT to recognize that I am here on assignment as a representative of Christ. To be led by Him, to allow Him to use me in ways unthinkable and to be concerned with what He is concerned about.

And He my friends- yet not moved or caught off guard- is concerned about souls.

2020 was quite a year! God has certainly shown us that we are not in control, HE IS. All the sin this world is filled with, all the hatred we have for one another, all the boastful deeds we conduct- He is not pleased.

As I use to pray and hope for a "slow down", a moment away from the realities of the daily duties of life- be careful what you ask for- I wasn't specific in how I wanted it to come.

It took this pandemic to slow me down- IN HIM. It took this pandemic to draw me nearer TO HIM. It took this pandemic to see more clear "HIM". It took this pandemic to shift my focus "ON HIM". It took this pandemic to